Fix8 FN Finishing Adhesive Silicone (300ml)

300ml - Carton of 12 - Colors: Transparent, Aluminum

Fix8FN is not only used as an adhesive but also as a finishing silicone.

  • Aluminium is a clean light aluminium colour with sparkle for a beautiful finish.
  • Transparent is more translucent for a great see through finish.

Ideal for:

  • Interior panelling, bathrooms, glass work, kitchens, hatches, latches etc.
  • Exterior finishing and waterproofing in Transportation, RV and Marine etc.
  • Bonding of panels, glass, fiberglass, gelcoats, ceramic, aluminium, wood, fiberglass, carbon fibre, sealed plywood, Corian, stainless steel, automotive painted surfaces without primers and activators, and not limited to the above only.

Elastic range per 1m(3ft) long x 10mm(3/8”) wide = 450kg (990lb)

  • Expert adhesive finishing silicone
  • Fast working time
  • Smooth to apply and bonds to most substrates
  • Suitable for above waterline marine and RV exposure
  • Weatherproof and U.V. resistant
  • Suitable for acid rain zones, no fillers
  • Medium modulus stays flexible

Cannot be stained or painted over


Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet