Application Guide


Teak Deck Caulking & Bonding

Teak Deck Preparation

Set up the teak planks in the format you need to create the teak deck
Check teak moistue content to ensure it is <11% to avoid teak deck shrikage and coving of Fix1DC

Teak Deck Priming

Mix Fixseal epoxy sealer as directed (See TDS for details) well and pour into a plastic container. Brush or vacuum clean out the joints and make sure the caulking joint is free of dust and debris. Using a paint brush no thicker than 5mm, paint the epoxy sealer into each joint ensuring even coverage of the sides and bottom of the joint. Allow the epoxy sealer to dry before caulking with Fix1DC (See TDS for details).

Caulking Teak Deck Seams

With the Fixtech Pneumatic dispensing gun FG8 or the Manual dispensing gun FG7, smoothly fill the caulking seam ensuring you get the Fix1DC to fill the seams
all the way to the bottom.

Teak Deck In Place

It does not matter whether it is prefabricated new teak deck or laid in place new teak deck or re-caulking old teak decks Fixtech Fix1DC is superior in long term performance and today is the preferred teak deck system. From super yachts to beautiful yesterday era racing yachts, Fixtech is the solution!

Teak Deck Waiting To Be Bonded

Fix1DC’s Cure rate is 2-3 mm every 24 hours. Therefore if the seam is 5x5mm then leave for 2-3 days and then sand, If deeper leave longer before sanding. Always apply Fix1DC in a cool to warm dry atmosphere no hotter than 35°C, as teak timbers could be very hot as they absorb heat.

Getting the Profile You Need

This is the raised profile as Fixtech Fix1DC can fill the caulking seam easily when applied professionally, and requires no further work, this profile ensure no undercut and is the most widely used by professionals.

This flattened profile was done with a spatular, it is important to leave Fixtech Fix1DC proud of the surface when doing this, approx. 1-2mm for 5mm deep joint and 2-3mm for 10mm joint.

Teak Deck Caulking & Bonding – Quick Summary

  1. Clean Joint Dust Free

2. Calibrated Moisture Meter
Check<11% Moisture Content

3. Apply Fixseal Epoxy Sealer

4. Apply Breaker Tape if Required.

5. Overfill joint with Fixtech Fix1DC

6. Some may need a spatular to lightly push down Fix1DC

7. When cured sand off top as required.

8. Beautiful deck with Fixtech Fix1DC.

Bonding Teak Decks

Teak deck bonding is ideal on aluminium, steel or fibreglass yachts to stop the practise of screwing or nailing everything down.

FIX30 adhesive sealants are stronger than teak, flexible, one part, require no primers, bond and seal all in one.


  • All boat and painted structures require sanding to remove the surface coating using a 100 grit sanding pad minimum
  • Aluminium, gelcoat, steel, marine paint subrates must be wiped down with 100% alcohol cleaner and ensure no dust or oil is present on the surface.
  • Existing timber surfaces to be sealed with FixSeal epoxy sealer.

Plank Preparation:

New teak planks do not require priming when used with Fix30 or . Simply sand the bonding area, brush or vacuum the dust away and wipe the bonding surface down with a clean lint free cloth wetted with clean fresh water to remove any further remaining dust or debris. Ensure the planks are clean dry before bonding onto the deck.

Applying adhesive:

  • Make sure the boat surface is level, where it is not ensure you apply more adhesive than where it is flat to fill the void,
  • Apply Fix30 using a fine tooth comb of min. 2mm. to both the underside of the teak deck or planks and the boat structure.
  • Bring together expeling all the air within the working time of Fix30.
  • Ensure minumin coverage bonding of 80% internal planks and 100% margin boards.
  • Weight down the deck with appropriate lead weights and ensure adhesive on both surfaces is in contact with each other to avoid internal voids.
  • Fix30 allow to cure a minimum 12 hours and then the deck can be walked on and deck caulking commence.
  • See Technical Data Sheets for Fix30 for additional information.

Fix30 is a high quality teak deck bonding and Sealing one part adhesive in the marine. market. No Chemical Bubble Formation, easy to apply from the 600mL sausage, that can be resealed for a long shelf life. Contains no solvents or toxic chemicals. Stronger that teak and stronger than most gel coats, trust Fixtech FIX30 to bond your teak or timber deck down

Big or Small Fixtech Teak Deck Systems Work and Give Lasting Beauty to all Yachts!

Teak Deck Bonding and Caulking Application Rates