FIX8 Aluminum

Technical Data:

Base Silicone
Consistency Paste
Curing System Moisture Cure
Skin Formation(*) 12 minutes (23C & 50%R.H)
Tack Free Time 3 hours (23C & 50%R.H)
Curing Rate(*) 3mm/24hrs
Density 0.97 g/cm3
Shrink 3%
Elongation 100%
Hardness (Shore A)n 35±5
Tensile Strength > 1.0 Mpa (ISO8339)
Shear Strength/td> > 1.0 Mpa
Movement Capability 25%
(*) Values may vary depending on environmental conditions

Fix8 Aluminium is a high quality architectural grade single component medium modulus silicone sealant, neutral cure, that exhibits excellent physical properties. Suitable for typical sealing and structural bonding in glazing applications with metal, aluminium, Corian® most plastics and fibreglass substrates. Fix8 Aluminium displays excellent weatherability and UV resistance curing to a high performance flexible rubber sealant in weatherproofing and structural applications. Fix8 Aluminium is suitable for glass curtain wall construction.


  • Primerless adhesion on most substrates (except Teflon, PE and PP)
  • Excellent UV resistance and colour fast
  • Very good gap filling capabilities
  • Neutral cure
  • Excellent stability
  • Superior weather resistance up to 20 years
  • Permanently elastic
  • Good compatability with other sealants
  • Permanently elastic
  • Colour Fast
  • Suitable for marine exposure

Installation of glass windows
Sealing of all openings in roof constructions Sealing and bonding within the Automotive industry
Mounting and sealing of window frames Bonding and sealing of coachwork within the transportation industry

Colour – Aluminum
Packaging – 300mL Cartridge

Shelf life:
12 months from date of production; In unopened packaging stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between +5°C and 23°C.

State of Surface: clean, dry, free of dust and grease
Priming: For porous substrates Fixseal Epoxy Primer may be applied. Polypropylene; Primer PR20. Non-porous substrates may be cleaned with Methylated Spirits or alcohol cleaner

We Recommend Compatibility Tests

Method: Manual or pneumatic caulking gun
Application temperature: +4°C to 40°C
Tooling: Mild diluted soapy solution before skin formation

Joint Dimensions:
Minimal Width: 5mm
Maximum Width: 30mm
Minimum Depth: 5mm
Recommendation: width of joint = 2 x depth

Health- and Safety Recommendation:
Apply the usual industrial hygiene. Wear gloves. Safety Glasses. Volitile compound released during curing, ensure adequate ventilation

• Fix8 Aluminium can not be overpainted
• Fix8 Aluminium is chemically neutral (pH=7)
• Fix8 Aluminium can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Due to the fact that the specific properties of substrates will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer we strongly recommend compatibility tests.

Note: The contents contained in this documentation are the result of our experiments and our experienceand have been submitted in good faith. Because of the diversity of the materials and substrates and the real number of possible applications which are out of our control we cannot accept any responsibility for the results obtained. In every case it is recommended to carry out preliminary experiments and compatibility tests.
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