FMP100 Wood Adhesive (310ml)

310ml - Carton of 12 - Color: Amber

Structural Rigid Timber & Foam Core Bonding

FMP 100 is a one-component, polyurethane based high strength, structural, 100% waterproof adhesive that cures in the presence of air & humidity. The product adheres to all types of timbers, seals voids, and is stronger than the grade of timber used anywhere. Fixit Mate Grip FMP 100, thanks to its pasty consistency shows excellent non-sagging properties and is suitable for all applications, (including any porous to porous substrates such as foam core products). It is also easy to spread for full surface contact.

  • Structural one part timber, core foam, stone bonding
  • One component must be porous for bonding
  • One component expanding adhesive
  • Clamping required for 1-2 hours only
  • Strong as epoxy for an invisible joint
  • 100% waterproof Invisible timber joint bonding.